Fast Python bindings for Vedis, an embedded, NoSQL key/value and data-structure store modeled after Redis.

The source code for vedis-python is hosted on GitHub.

Vedis features:

  • Embedded, zero-conf database

  • Transactional (ACID)

  • Single file or in-memory database

  • Key/value store

  • Over 70 commands similar to standard Redis commands.

  • Thread-safe

  • Terabyte-sized databases

Vedis-Python features:

  • Compiled library, extremely fast with minimal overhead.

  • Supports key/value operations and transactions using Pythonic APIs.

  • Support for executing Vedis commands.

  • Write custom commands in Python.

  • Python 2.x and 3.x.


  • Not tested on Windoze.

The previous version (0.2.0) of vedis-python utilized ctypes to wrap the Vedis C library. By switching to Cython, key/value and Vedis command operations are significantly faster.


If you encounter any bugs in the library, please open an issue, including a description of the bug and any related traceback.


If you like Vedis you might also want to check out UnQLite, an embedded key/value database and JSON document store (python bindings: unqlite-python.


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